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Upholstery Adhesives

Aerosol and Spray Adhesives. Perfect Fit stocks a wide array of upholstery adhesive products for whatever material you’re working with or application you need. Aerosol cans, flooring tape, upholstery adhesives to use with adhesive spray guns and more. Lonseal has its specialized two part flooring epoxy to install Lonseal flooring, as well as their adhesive for vertical surfaces. We carry DAP for automotive fabrics and Tensorgrip adhesives to work with foam and wood, vinyl liquid patches for any small tears in vinyl or leather, and more. Aerosol adhesives are used for a wide variety of applications including foam and fabric.

For similar products or products to pair with out upholstery adhesives, take a look at some of our related departments. Check out our Electric & Pressurized Tools to find spray guns, steamers, and their accessories; Headliner & Toppings for materials commonly used on convertible car tops; Landau Foam for wall paneling in van conversion products; and Marathon to browse our sturdy Marathon tweed fabric options.