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Wall & Flooring Insulation

Auto wall and flooring insulation are a necessary part of a van conversion or auto renovation project. Perfect Fit stocks several kinds of auto carpet and wall insulation all offering high quality protection from outside thermal and audio factors. Whether you’re looking for a roll of high quality Cushion Wrap for furniture or auto seating or some ecologically sustainable Thinsulate insulation, there’s an insulation product to suit your unique application.

Insulation is only the beginning, and if you want to continue your search for high quality upholstery products, check out some similar departments: Carpet & Flooring to look into what to cover that insulation with, Marathon for the varied selection of colors in the Marathon Tweed fabric we have available, PAD to get a look at some of our upholstery foam, and General Upholstery Materials for a look at additional upholstery products to take your project from start to finish.