Upholstery Fabric

Upholstery fabrics and materials. Perfect Fit’s upholstery selections include contract grade vinyl, tarp and screening materials, and general upholstery materials. Our contract grade vinyls are high quality materials most effectively used in commercial and residential interior applications. The tarp and screening materials are versatile in use, you can find items best suited for lightweight bags, outdoor screen applications, and canopies. Our selection of general upholstery materials is more broad, and you can find anything from batting material to burlap to take your upholstery projects from start to finish. 

For similar products or items that pair well with our upholstery fabric, browse some of our related departments provided for your convenience. To find springs, chair swivels, wires, and tack strips, check out our Springs, Tack Strip & Wires section. Take a look at our Upholstery Tools department for staple guns, steamers, punches, and more. To add some more support to your upholstery project, our Upholstery Foam section may have what you are looking for.