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Pliers & Staple Pullers

Staple pullers and upholstery pliers are incredibly useful tools for marine, auto and furniture upholstery. Perfect Fit offers a simple selection of pliers and upholstery staple pullers, as well as a wire puller, spring bender, and webbing pliers. Our selection makes it easy to pick the right upholstery tool for the job. From hog ring pliers, to diagonal nippers and spring clip pliers, there are multiple options within those products for the best item to fit your application. Osborne’s wire former and spring bender make it easy to manipulate wires and springs during repairs to general upholstery.

For more products that will pair well with our upholstery staple pullers, pliers, and other applicable tools, feel free to browse some of our related departments. Take a look at our Staples, Hog Rings, and Wires to use with these pliers, staple pullers, and other tools. Our Webbing, Rope, & Bungee department will have all of our webbing for straps and other upholstery utilization.