Lonseal Flooring

Vinyl Flooring for Van conversion, Truck, Trailer, Office, Marine, Residential and more. Lonseal manufactures a wide range of flooring materials for multiple industries. With plenty of styles and colors to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for your project. For high-use areas for vans, trucks and trailers, view our selection of Loncoin, while Lonwood may be what you are looking for if you want a hardwood look in your marine or van conversion project without sacrificing performance or slip resistance. Lonseal also offers its own specialty adhesives, trims and tools to ensure easy installation and make sure you get the absolute most out of your Lonseal flooring.

Browse some of our related departments to see our other top-quality products: Marathon for fabrics to complete your van conversion project or other upholstery needs, Landau Foam for the ideal padding for wall panels in van conversion projects, and Adhesives to browse our selection of high-quality aerosol and spray-on adhesive products.