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Marine Carpet & Flooring

Our marine flooring options are resilient against time, moisture, and UV wear. Flooring options vary in installation, some designed to be glued down and others designed to snap-in for easy cleaning and maintenance. Nautolex marine flooring is a textured vinyl flooring that is glued down and provides additional grip in moist conditions. Bayshore, Hulliner, and Spectropile are high quality lines of marine carpeting and vary in pile thickness to fit your specific projects.

For more marine hardware, fasteners, and top-quality fabrics, you can visit some of our related departments. Check out our Marine Hardware department to find aluminum tubing, deck hinges, eye ends, lashing hooks, universal tees and more; Snads for some self-adhering snap fasteners to secure your carpet and any other loose fabrics on your marine project; and Top Gun to browse our selection of Top Gun marine material for boat covers and bimini tops.