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Marine & Auto Hardware

Marine hardware and automotive hardware. Perfect Fit carries an array of marine and automotive hardware to suit your needs. Auto hardware carries items for installing a convertible top to an automotive project, as well as seatbelts and bows for convertible tops and canopies for pick-up trucks. Marine hardware has a selection of hinges, rails, mounts, and more for your biminis, boat tops, covers and more. Check in to see if we have what you’re looking for below!

For similar products or items that pair well with our marine and automotive hardware, take a look at some of our related departments provided for your convenience. Browse our Boat Topping Materials for marine grade shading fabrics to keep you cool while you enjoy your time on the water. Our Webbing, Rope & Bungee section will have any webbing products you may want to strap everything in place. For all of our fabric options, check out the Upholstery Materials department and see all of our marine, automotive, and contract grade fabrics.