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Upholstery Materials

Upholstery fabrics for marine, auto, furniture and more. Perfect Fit carries many fabric and vinyl products to best meet your needs when planning your next project, whether the work deals with marine, automotive, residential, or office upholstery.

We have materials commonly used in bag-making and heavy-duty vinyls suitable for outdoor recreation vehicles like ATVs and Motorcycles. The awning and shade screen materials we have on offer can be used for home or business awnings, as well as shade structures on RVs, vans, boats, and more. We carry clear window vinyl to keep any outdoor structures safe from the elements, which pair well with our marine fabrics that are treated to handle the harsh environment of the sea. Our automotive fabrics are all graded for automotive use and perfect for any car or van conversion project.

For similar products or items that pair well with our upholstery materials, take a look at some of our related departments provided for your convenience. For the tools to make installation and completion of your upholstery projects easier, take some time to browse our Upholstery Tools department. Check out our Upholstery Fasteners department for any of our snaps, staples, common sense fasteners, and webbing hardware. We also carry a wide range of hardware to keep your marine and auto project perfect, all in our Marine and Auto hardware department.