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Needles & Pins

Upholstery pins and needles, both for sewing machines and hand-sewing. Perfect Fit stocks a variety of needles and pins for multiple hand sewing and pinning uses. We carry “T” pins to keep your fabrics in place while you set up your project and cushion regulators to make sure your upholstery stuffing and seams are as smooth and clean as possible. We offer both straight and curved needles for hand sewing, as well as needles for sewing machines and tufting needles to make cushion tufting and button attachment simple and easy.

For similar products to pair with our needles and pins, browse through these related departments. Look through our Thread & Bobbins department to find the perfect thread for your current project. We also offer Patterning Material as a sturdy option to create patterns for your projects. Check out our Shears & Cutting tools department to view some cutting tools to make your life easier.