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Automotive Carpet & Flooring

Automotive flooring for auto, van and more. Perfect Fit's Auto flooring stock offers a wide selection of automotive carpet, vinyl, and other flooring items so you can find the perfect fit for your automotive restoration or renovation project. Our carpeting options are varied in composition, texture, and style. Heel pads for vintage vehicle carpets are also available to get you the most professional finish for your automobile. Additionally, our selection of trunkliner has several different color options for lining trunk and cargo areas, speaker boxes and more. For a heavy-duty applications, choose vinyl matting as a more durable and longer lasting substitute for automotive carpet.

Some of our related departments and products may have items that will go well with your carpet choices. Check out Thermozite, a light weight and versatile flooring insulation option for automotive, marine, and other upholstery projects in need of audio and thermal protection; Lonseal to browse out some of our high quality vinyl flooring options; and Auto Vinyl for some automotive grade vinyl to complete your current project.