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Upholstery Tools

Upholstery tools and supplies. Perfect Fit carries a wide selection of upholstery tools to aid you in your work. In this department, you will find cutting tools, pins, mallets, spray guns, steamers and more. Check out our benders and crowners to find the tools to bend metal tubing to your specifications and general upholstery tools for miscellanea like masking tape, awls, and rulers. Punches and setters will have a selection of grommet setters and a variety of punches, while fastener tools will offer tools to make your experience installing fasteners easy and simple.

For similar items or more products to pair with these tools, take a look at some of these related departments provided for your convenience. Our Fasteners department will have items like snaps, screws, staples, and rivets. To browse our selection of marine, automotive, and contract grade fabrics, check out our Upholstery Materials department. The Adhesives will have all of our aerosol, bulk, and epoxy adhesives where you are sure to find the best adhesive for the job.