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Adhesives & Cleaners

Spray and Aerosol adhesives and cleaners for auto, marine and furniture upholstery. Perfect fit has a wide selection of adhesives and cleaners to cover your bases on any material you may be working with. We offer basic, multi-purpose cleaners as well as specialty cleaners from 303, IMAR, and Meguiar's. Our adhesive products are available for various application options, including aerosol and spray gun fillers. Included in the Upholstery Cleaner department is an adhesive solvent to remove most adhesives if needed and our Lubricants and Oil department contains a multi-purpose lubricant and a colorless sewing machine oil to keep your tools and hardware in the best condition possible.

For similar products or to continue browsing, check out some of our related departments. Marathon has all of our Marathon Tweed fabric in an array of colors. The Electric & Pressurized Tools department will have spray guns, steamers, and their accessories. Another product worth checking out is our Landau Padding Foam, which is a popular and sturdy foam padding commonly used in wall paneling for van conversion projects.