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General Upholstery Materials

Furniture upholstery materials for DIY renovation and reupholstery. Perfect Fit offers a number of general upholstery fabrics and materials for you to choose from. We carry canvas, chafing leather, patterning material, dust cloth, burlap, and more. Take a look at our Cushionwrap batting material, slip film, and down proof ticking to give your cushions and seating an extra level of comfort and longevity.

For similar products or items that pair well with our general upholstery materials, take a look at some of our related departments to continue your DIY project. Check out our Upholstery Tools department to find tools like staple guns, needles, punches, shears. Our Springs, Tack Strip & Wires section will have items like tufting clasps, seat clips, seat swivels, wires, and tack strips. To bring all of it together, browse our Thread & Bobbins section for high quality thread for your project.