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About Us

Perfect Fit currently has a warehouse and office in Portland, OR. 

Listed here is a short history of the people, mergers and companies that have made Perfect Fit the Pioneering force it is today in the Upholstery industry.

Perfect Fit Mfg. Co. began in Portland, Oregon in 1924. Pioneered by J. Cyril Lowit and his father to manufacture seat covers, tire covers, and toppings. The Family duo sold their products to major catalog stores, including Montgomery Ward. At one time, Perfect Fit Mfg. Co. had assembly plants in Portland, Oregon and Oakland, California and sold on a national basis. Later, Perfect Fit Mfg. Co. evolved into a wholesale business, although for many years it kept a retail division at a separate location (a plaid patterned building on Sandy Blvd in Portland). Perfect Fit Mfg. Co. continued to manufacture seat covers, carpets and vinyl roof covers for a long time, and eventually phased out the retail side of their business.

McDonald & Co, Inc. began as a Seattle, Washington based company in April 1912. The McDonald brothers started their company by constructing/installing upholstery and topping materials for the auto industry. After a series of partnerships, and under the name "Auto Trimmers Supply" in 1930, The McDonald Brothers’ business finally became "McDonald & Co, Inc." in 1946 when they broadened their offerings to include furniture and mattress industry supplies and products. For years, McDonald & Co, Inc. was located on Boren Ave. North in Seattle, WA. A pioneer in foam cushioning and marine topping fabrics, McDonald & Co, Inc. was a leading and innovative force for new products.

These two companies were competitors who came under the same ownership in 1965 and the companies finally merged in 1980 under a single name to become Perfect Fit-McDonald, Inc. 

Vaughan's Fabric & Supply began as Vaughan Brothers, Inc. in Portland, Oregon in 1929. Owned and operated by Frank Vaughan Sr., who partnered with his brother Don Vaughan at the end of WWII. Over the years the company expanded from the automotive industry into marine and awning fabrics. Vaughan Brothers, Inc. ownership and operation passed through three more generations of Vaughan family members (Frank Vaughan, Carrie Campbell, and sisters Lindsey Brooks and Maggie Berg) before being acquired by Perfect Fit in March of 2020

Under new ownership and a new name since July 2019, Perfect Fit is continuing the path of upward growth and innovation in the marine, automotive and furniture fields. We are continuing to expand our product offerings to provide the best service and selection for our customers.

The true strength of Perfect Fit lies in our friendly and experienced employees, our selection of high-quality fabrics and supplies, two convenient locations, and our determination to offer an incredible service experience. Perfect Fit has a wide range of products in stock needed for your business and our customer service team is ready to take your orders or answer your questions. As a company we strive to offer you the products you need when you need them and at a fair and competitive price.

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