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Hook & Loop

Hook and loop fasteners are simple and convenient on bags, backpacks and more when you need to fasten an item to one place for easy removal and replacement. Perfect Fit stocks both Velcro® and Texacro® brand hook and loop products, as well as several specialty loop products from Millilock to Veltex. You can purchase both the hook and loop products at various widths and in rolls of 25 yards, and a few of them are available in rolls of 50 yards.

For products that pair well with our hook and loop materials, check out a few of our other departments. The Auto Bodycloth department contains fabrics that work well in automotive projects, including our very popular Marathon Tweed available in many different colors. Our Bag & Backpack department will show you a few fabrics popularly used in bag-making. Boat Topping Materials has many fabrics best used for awnings and other shading purposes.