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Fastener Tools

Fastener setting tools and snaps. Perfect Fit’s Fastener Tools department features a selection of tools to assist in the installation and creation of fasteners. From hand punches to snap fastener setting attachments, if you need to install a fastener, you will find what you need below. Check out the Lift-The-Dot Screwdriver to tighten Lift-The-Dot studs and keep them sturdily in place longer or the button machine we have on offer to set your upholstery fabric-covered buttons with ease.

For similar items or more to pair with your brand new fastener tools, take a look at a few similar departments provided for your convenience. If you are looking for fasteners themselves rather than the tools to install and maintain them, look no further than our Upholstery Fasteners department, which also contains the Snaps section and may be to your liking. To browse our fabrics and choose the perfect look and feel for your current project, check out our Upholstery Materials department.