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Benders & Crowners

Perfect Fit carries BendARC brand benders and crowners to make it easy to manipulate pipes to the perfect angle and crown for your biminis, boat tops and other projects. We offer several different round sizes. Equipped to handle different sized tubing and bend to specific measurements, these tools are easy to use and tailored to your projects. Please contact your nearest Perfect Fit branch for more details and information on these products.

For similar products or those to fulfil your needs for any next steps, here are a few related departments. We carry 20 and 24 foot long aluminum tubing that fits with bendARC or CrownARC products. This aluminum tubing is also in our Marine Hardware department, where we also carry a wide selection of hardware such as deck hinges, a bimini frame kit, eye ends, and more. We also have a selection of marine fabrics often used for shading, boat covers and biminis in Boat toppings.