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Upholstery Fasteners

Snaps, Trim Clips, screws and other upholstery fasteners. Perfect Fit carries a variety of fastening products. We offer webbing hardware to complete any straps you may be working on, as well as snap fasteners. We offer screws, rivets, grommets, staples, and more. Take a look through our trim clips and auto fasteners for automotive fasteners specialized for the vehicles you are working on.

For similar products or items that pair well with our fasteners, take a look at some of our related departments provided for your convenience. For tools to make the installation of these fasteners all the more fast and easy, browse our Fastener Tools. If you still aren’t sure what fabrics you plan to work with, check out our Upholstery Materials department for all of our upholstery fabrics and vinyls.
We do have a few more specialty fasteners, including those in our Hook & Loop department, where you can find Velcro® brand, Texacro® brand, and more hook and loop items.