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Carpet & Flooring

Marine and automotive flooring materials. Perfect Fit stocks a wide variety of flooring options, including specialty items from 2TEC2 and Lonseal. 2TEC2 is a high-tech woven flooring material that provides the sound dampening benefits of carpet while being easy to clean and maintain like hard floorings. These materials are a modern twist on flooring for van conversion, office, retail and more. Lonseal manufactures diverse flooring options designed for many flooring application: Loncoin provides improved slip resistance, while Lonwood materials mimic the look of a hardwood flooring with the added water-resistant benefits of vinyl.

For similar products to pair with flooring for your next upholstery project, check out Thermozite, a light weight and versatile insulation option for automotive, marine, and other upholstery projects in need of audio and thermal protection; Lonseal to browse some of our high quality vinyl flooring options; and Auto Vinyl for some automotive grade vinyl to complete your current project.