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Zipper Chain & Hardware

Zipper chain by the yard. Buying zipper chain by the yard gives you control over the length of zipper you need. Whether purchasing zipper for several smaller projects, or equipping a large project with an extra-long zipper, you can easily get a custom fit with these zipper chain products. Available in multiple tooth styles and sizes, you can get the perfect fit for your project, from garment to furniture. Zipper pulls are also available to match the size and tooth style of your zipper. Available in single or double-pull, you can choose a pull that will allow you single-side or reversible zipper access for ease of use.
Additionally, to finish the ends of your zipper, purchase top and bottom stops to prevent your zipper pulls from sliding off your zipper edges on applications that need more security.

Interested in other supplies to pair with your zipper products? Visit the following departments:
Upholstery Materials: For fabric, vinyl and other materials to assemble your unique project.
Fasteners: For other closure and fastening options like snaps, rivets, webbing hardware and more.
Hook & Loop: For additional fastening materials to use in place of zippers, including Velcro brand products.