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General Upholstery Tools

Upholstery Tools contains a mix of tools like awls, rulers, mallets, webbing stretchers and more. Textile marking pencils are available to mark and plan your work before you cut or stitch. Can’t seem to get rid of those pesky air pockets while welding clear and coated vinyl materials? We have a seam roller to smooth out air bubbles for tightly sealed seams that will keep out moisture.

For products to pair with these upholstery tools, check out some of our similar departments. Our General Upholstery Materials department will have general fabrics like canvas, chafing leather, and dust cloth. Springs, Tack Strip & Wires will have some of our upholstery supplies including those in the department name, tufting clasps, and chair swivels. Or, if you’re looking for a broader idea of the upholstery supplies we carry, browse our Upholstery Supplies department to see bindings, webbing, thread, and more.