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Specialty Hook & Loop

Hook and loop specialty products. For more unique fastening projects, Perfect Fit’s specialty hook and loop products are a great choice for projects large and small. Courtesy of Velcro® brand, we carry two hook and loop products meant for much larger items. Velstick® rigid velcro pieces are a great selection for wide areas of coverage that need to fasten securely and without wrinkling. Veltex is a loop fabric used for display boards, and can be ordered to your specified yardage to ensure your application has ample coverage. The Millilock loop we offer is generally used for the installation of seat covers, perfect for more detailed work using hook and loop fasteners and also great for areas where you need your hook and loop to navigate around curves and corners.

Browse a few similar departments for items to pair with these specialty hook and loop products: Auto Bodycloth for automotive grade fabrics, Auto Vinyl to browse our wide selection of automotive grade vinyls, and Panel & Chip Boards for a selection of panel and chip boards needed on your current project.