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Embrace Recycled Leather

Embrace Recycled Leather

Everyone likes Leather

It feels fabulous, looks stunning, and adds?a touch of sophistication and style to any room.
From the unique pattern of the grain to its natural durability, leather furniture occupies a special place in the hearts and minds of today’s consumers.

But.....Traditional leather can cost significantly more than other furniture coverings, which puts it out of reach for many..

Plus there are performance issues. Traditional leather can easily stain and is hard to clean.
And in a home with children or pets, leather furniture can become scratched and scuffed.

Embrace - A new performance product made with recycled leather.
Offering the look, feel, and volume of traditional leather – but without the price –
Embrace ™
represents a new category of furniture fabric.
In aesthetic terms, this recycled leather fabric offers similar colors, depth, luster, dimensional grain, and hand-rubbed layered tones as traditional leathers.

The unique composite construction process delivers outstanding hand and touch along with care-free, high-performance reliability – year after year.
Culp has developed a process that takes scrap leather and recycles it into a beautiful, carefree, and affordable alternative, 
they are able to reduce the amount of waste generated in the traditional leather manufacturing process.
At Culp, they take the leather scrap headed for already overcrowded landfills and transform it into something stylish and timeless.

Stain resistant

Cleanable with soap and water

Highly durable

(meets/exceeds both ISO and ASTM standards)

Scratch resistant

Light fast

 54" wide

Manufacturing process that minimizes waste,
hazardous by-products, and energy expenditure


Face-finished with eco-friendly cellular polyurethane

 Click on Color for larger sample. All displays show color differently. 
Embrace is a trademark of Culp, High Point NC USA

This item is Drop Shipped From Culp, High Point NC. Shipping service is FED EX (following day) only despite the fact our cart may offer mail services.
Price By The Lineal Yard
PhotoSKU Pattern / ColorPriceQuantity
EMB-01 EMBRACE - CANTINA / Cranberry$21.50Call for Avail.
EMB-02 EMBRACE - CANTINA / Cocoa$21.50Call for Avail.
EMB-03 EMBRACE - CANTINA / Chili$21.50add to cart
EMB-04 EMBRACE - CANTINA / Saddle$21.50Call for Avail.
EMB-05 EMBRACE - CANTINA / Peanut$21.50add to cart
EMB-06 EMBRACE - CANTINA / Molasses$21.50add to cart
EMB-07 EMBRACE - CANTINA / Taupe$21.50Call for Avail.
EMB-08 EMBRACE - CANTINA / Putty$21.50add to cart
EMB-09 EMBRACE - CANTINA / Black$21.50Call for Avail.
EMB-10 EMBRACE - CANTINA / Magnetite$21.50Call for Avail.
EMB-11 EMBRACE - CANTINA / Quarry$21.50add to cart
EMB-12 EMBRACE - CANTINA / Dove$21.50add to cart
EMB-14 EMBRACE-OREGON TRAIL / Bourbon$21.50Disc
EMB-15 EMBRACE-OREGON TRAIL / Saddle$21.50Disc
EMB-17 EMBRACE-GUNSLINGER / Saddle$21.50add to cart
EMB-19 EMBRACE-GUNSLINGER / Coffee$21.50add to cart
EMB-20 EMBRACE-GUNSLINGER / Black$21.50Call for Avail.

Width : 54" 

Fiber Content:

  • Catalina - Face 100% Polyurethane - Backing 43% recycled leather, 40% Polyester, 17% cotton.
  • Gunslinger - Face 88% Polyester, 12% Polyurethane - Backing 58% recycled leather, 42% Polyester.
  • Oregon Trail - Face 100% Polyurethane - Backing 53% Polyester, 42% recycled leather, 5% cotton.
Environmental friendly benefits  - PVC free 
Embrace™ uses excess leather headed to already overcrowded landfills and recycles in into a stylish and timeless product.

Abrasion: Heavy Duty – Exceeds 100,000 Cycles  (Wyzenbeek – Cotton duck Abradant) (ASTM D4157)
Light Fastness: Class 4/40 hrs. min. (AATCC16A)
Color Fastness: Class 4 (ASTM D3597, AATCC 8) Wet. Class 4 (ASTM D3597, AATCC 8) Dry

Physical Properties
Class 4 (ASTM D3511) Brush Pill
94 warp, 79 lbs. weft (ASTM D4034) Breaking Strength
18 warp, 16 lbs weft (ASTM D2261 D96) Tear Strength
37 warp, 44 lbs. weft (ASTM D4034) Seam Slippage

Flammability passes:
California Tech. Bulletin #117 Section E (CS-191-53)
UFAC Class 1
NFPA 260 Class 1
MVSS 302

Care and Cleanability:
W – Water based cleaners may be used


Pattern images shown up the roll.
Due to pattern scale and color variations in computer monitors and printers, we strongly suggest you view actual samples before making a selection.
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