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Webbing, Rope & Bungee

Upholstery Shock cord, webbing, and rope. Perfect Fit carries webbing products of several different compositions--nylon, polyester, polypropylene, rubber, jute, and elastic. Our nylon shock cord is perfect for tying down boat covers and for fastening applications. The bungees and webbing we offer are ideal for any straps or fastening you have in mind for your newest upholstery project.

For similar products or items that pair well with our webbing, rope, and bungees, take a look at some of our related departments provided for your convenience. A good place to start would be our Marine Hardware section to check out our deck hinges, eye ends, lashing hooks, bimini kits, and more. Check out our Upholstery Fasteners department for fastener products like snaps, common sense fasteners, grommets, rivets, and staples. To find the supplies to turn webbing into proper straps, browse our Webbing Hardware section for side release buckles, D-rings, snap hooks, and more.