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Marine Vinyl

Marine Grade Upholstery Vinyl. Perfect Fit carries marine grade vinyls in a variety of colors and patterns to make your boat fit you. These vinyls are graded for marine use and will hold up against the harsh marine environment, with water, mold and mildew resistance and UV treatment, these vinyls are long-lasting and vibrant even in the salty air of the sea. Equip your boat or other marine vessel with unique materials to suit your style.

For similar products or items that pair well with our marine grade vinyls, take a look at some of our related departments we have provided here for your convenience. The Cushion Underlining we offer is ideal for use in boat cushions, as it is anti-skid and mildew treated. For shading materials suitable for marine use, browse our Boat Topping Materials to find the perfect fabric for a boat topper, bimini or other marine application. To tie it all together, browse our Thread section for high quality thread to use in your current project.