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King Tubing Crowner

King Tubing Crowner

Designed to roll "Crown" aluminum or stainless steel tubing.
Amount of Crown is adjustable.
Welded steel base drilled with 1/2" holes with 16" and 24" centerline spacing to accommodate wall attachment.

Made of #101 nylon plate using roller bearing inserts in nylon wheels.



Nylon parts are machined from #101 Nylon plate - a very tough but forgiving material that produces a superior finished product. Metal burrs, which can cause scratches, are not readily transferred from the Bender to the tubing. Also, the nylon is self lubricating.

All rollers on both Bender & Crowner (Roller) have bearings to ensure easy operation for many years.

The KMI Bender & Crowner is the first mass manufactured tool of its kind made especially for the Boat Top Industry. It works simply and eliminates the need for expensive tooling and extra operations. No more time consuming set up or need to use a follower.

The KMI Bender & Crowner attaches to a wall - conserving space and allowing for easier operation.

Welded heavy gauge steel frame.

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