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Grand Prix Vinyl 54"

Grand Prix Vinyl 54
54" Width
UV Stabilized pigments and Mildew Resistant.
Use for Auto, Marine and other Upholstery Jobs.
Roll Size: 30 yards
Nominal Weight: 29 oz. per line yard
Cold Crack: -10 degrees F
Meets Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302 and California Fire Code 117.
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Price By The Yard
PhotoSKU Color1+10+20+30+Quantity
GPX-9450 Snow White - $16.00$14.75$14.00$13.45add to cart
GPX-9451 White$16.00$14.75$14.00$13.45Discontinued
GPX-9453 Lapis Blue$16.00$14.75$14.00$13.45add to cart
GPX-9455 Flame$16.00$14.75$14.00$13.45Discontinued
GPX-9456 Carmine$16.00$14.75$14.00$13.45add to cart
GPX-9457 Burgundy$16.00$14.75$14.00$13.45Discontinued
GPX-9461 Silver Grey$16.00$14.75$14.00$13.45add to cart
GPX-9462 Light Slate$16.00$14.75$14.00$13.45add to cart
GPX-9464 Medium Opal$16.00$14.75$14.00$13.45add to cart
GPX-9465 Medium Dark Grey$16.00$14.75$14.00$13.45add to cart
GPX-9466 Graphite$16.00$14.75$14.00$13.45add to cart
GPX-9467 Black$16.00$14.75$14.00$13.45add to cart
GPX-9468 Spice$16.00$14.75$14.00$13.45Discontuined
GPX-9469 Beechwood$16.00$14.75$14.00$13.45Discontiuned
GPX-9471 Sand Beige$16.00$14.75$14.00$13.45Discontinued
GPX-9472 Buckskin$16.00$14.75$14.00$13.45add to cart
GPX-9474 Briar Brown$16.00$14.75$14.00$13.45Discontinued
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