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Nuance Vinyl 54"

Nuance - One of Spradling's newest patterns. 
The look and feel of leather.
Suitable for contract and automotive use.

UV Stabilized Pigments.
54" Width
Nominal Weight: 29 oz. per lineal yard.
Cold Crack: -10 degrees F
Meets Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302 and California Fire Code 117.
Roll Size: 30 yards

Click on Color For Larger Image.
All colors will vary from monitor to monitor. For an exact match please request a sample.

Price By The Lineal Yard
PhotoSKU Color1+10+20+30+Quantity
NUA-2450 Snow White$19.75$17.80$15.80$13.90add to cart
NUA-2451 White$19.75$17.80$15.80$13.90add to cart
NUA-2452 Sand$19.75$17.80$15.80$13.90add to cart
NUA-2453 Sandstone$19.75$17.80$15.80$13.90add to cart
NUA-2454 Fawn$19.75$17.80$15.80$13.90add to cart
NUA-2463 Medium Neutral$19.75$17.80$15.80$13.90add to cart
NUA-2465 Shale$19.75$17.80$15.80$13.90add to cart
NUA-2466 Khaki$19.75$17.80$15.80$13.90add to cart
NUA-2468 Grouse$19.75$17.80$15.80$13.90add to cart
NUA-2457 Ebony$19.75$17.80$15.80$13.90add to cart
NUA-2458 Dark Graphite$19.75$17.80$15.80$13.90add to cart
NUA-2460 Medium Grey$19.75$17.80$15.80$13.90add to cart
NUA-2461 Medium Dark Pewter$19.75$17.80$15.80$13.90add to cart
NUA-2462 Very Dark Pewter$19.75$17.80$15.80$13.90add to cart
NUA-2459 Navy$19.75$17.80$15.80$13.90add to cart
NUA-2467 Turmeric$19.75$17.80$15.80$13.90add to cart
NUA-2473 Cognac$19.75$17.80$15.80$13.90add to cart
NUA-2472 Chamois$19.75$17.80$15.80$13.90add to cart
NUA-2469 Coconut Husk$19.75$17.80$15.80$13.90add to cart
NUA-2470 Coffee Bean$19.75$17.80$15.80$13.90add to cart
NUA-2471 Eclipse$19.75$17.80$15.80$13.90add to cart
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