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Original and custom headliners are available for all cars using the older wire hung system. Available for domestic passenger cars, including station wagons until original equipment manufacturers switched to foam backed headliners in the early 80`s.

Order extra yardage for quarter panel, package trays etc. at same time as you order the headlner.

Convertible Headliners are available for all domestic and foreign convertibles, most in original materials.

Headliners can be ordered made from the following materials. Pricing varies.


PhotoSKU ColorPrice
EP-1000 GM Premier & Perforated MaroonN/A
 EP-1001 GM Premier RedN/A
 EP-1002 GM Premier BrownN/A
 EP-1003 GM Premier BuckskinN/A
 EP-1004 GM Premier Dark BlueN/A
 EP-1005 GM Premier BlueN/A
 EP-1006 GM Premier Medium BlueN/A
 EP-1007 GM Premier SandalwoodN/A
 EP-1008 GM Premier BlackN/A
 EP-1009 GM Premier Dark GreenN/A
 EP-1010 GM Premier WhiteN/A
 EP-1011 Ford Tier MaroonN/A
 EP-1012 Ford Tier Dark RedN/A
 EP-1013 Ford Tier RedN/A
 EP-1014 Ford Tier ChamoisN/A
 EP-1015 Ford Tier TanN/A
 EP-1016 Ford Tier GingerN/A
 EP-1017 Ford Tier Dark BrownN/A
 EP-1018 Ford Tier WhiteN/A
 EP-1019 Ford Tier Dark BlueN/A
 EP-1020 Ford Tier Metallic BlueN/A
 EP-1021 Ford Tier WedgewoodN/A
 EP-1022 Ford Tier Light BlueN/A
 EP-1023 Ford Tier TurquoiseN/A
EP-1024 Ford Tier GreenN/A
 EP-1025 Ford Tier BlackN/A
 EP-1026 Ford Tier SilverN/A
 EP-1027 Ford Tier GreyN/A
 EP-1028 Mustang Crater BlackN/A
 EP-1029 Mustang Crater Dk. BlueN/A
 EP-1030 Mustang Crater Med. BlueN/A
 EP-1031 Mustang Crater Light BlueN/A
 EP-1032 Mustang Crater Dark RedN/A
 EP-1033 Mustang Crater Pony RedN/A
 EP-1034 Mustang Crater ParchmentN/A
 EP-1035 Mustang Crater WhiteN/A
 EP-1036 RecessedN/A
 EP-1037 StarN/A
 EP-1038 BedfordN/A
 EP-1039 Line DotN/A
 EP-1040 BasketweaveN/A
 EP-1041 Cloth BeigeN/A
 EP-1042 Cloth BrownN/A
 EP-1043 Cloth Lt. GreyN/A
 EP-1044 Cloth GreyN/A
 EP-1045 Cloth SapphireN/A
 EP-1046 Cloth BiscuitN/A
 EP-1047 Cloth RubyN/A
 EP-1048 Cloth CharcoalN/A
 EP-1049 Cloth Med. QuartzN/A
 EP-1050 Cloth Dk. GreyN/A
 EP-1051 Cloth AgateN/A
 EP-1052 Cloth BordeauxN/A
 EP-1053 Cloth Medium CamelN/A
 EP-1054 Cloth Buckskin N/A
 EP-1055 Cloth Twilight BlueN/A
 EP-1056 Cloth BlackN/A
 EP-1057 Cloth OpalN/A
 EP-1058 Cloth Med. GraphiteN/A
 EP-1059 Cloth SaddleN/A
 EP-1060 Cloth Lt. MochaN/A
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