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Black Treated Panelboard

Black Treated Panelboard

Sold for replacement door panels. Waterproof. Black Color.

Panelboard Can be sewn through using commercial sewing machines.

This board is .10 of an inch (about 1/8") thick.

Sheet size is 32" x 48".

A Pressed, treated panelboard.

Allow 10 days for delivery. Ships by UPS Ground Only.

Due to shipping considerations,
Minimum sale is 4 each.
These are difficult to wrap for safe shipment. 4 or more makes the package rigid enough to ship. 

Subject to a surcharge by UPS of ($10.50) which is not shown at checkout.

Price each
PhotoSKU Size4+12+25+Quantity
 PB-7  32"" x 48" - each$10.00$9.00$7.95add to cart
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