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Embossed Cushion Welt - 100 yard roll

Embossed Cushion Welt - 100 yard roll
Extruded embossed Vinyl welt with 1/2" snipped flange.

100 yard rolls, Can be assorted for price breaks.
Color Chart Below
Price by The Roll
PhotoSKU Color1+5+10+Quantity
 180-2 Off White 243 - $44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
 180-3 Dark Red 693 - $44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
 180-5 Maroon 973 - $44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
 180-6 Bright Red 953$44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
 180-8 Grey 813$44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
 180-9 Black 103$44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
 180-10 Dark Blue 363$44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
 180-12 Navy 373$44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
 180-13 Buckskin 573$44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
 180-15 Saddle 593$44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
 180-16 Beige 613$44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
 180-18 Dark Brown 463$44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
 180-20 Dark Green 723$44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
 180-21 Charcoal 833$44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
 180-24 White 223$44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
 180-25 Medium Blue 343$44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
 180-26 Burgundy 983$44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
 180-27 Medium Brown 453$44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
 180-28 Dark Gray 823$44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
 180-29 Met. Blue 323$44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
 180-31 Marine Blue 383$44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
 180-32 Tan 583$44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
 180-33 Dk. Met. Blue 333$44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
 180-34 Dark Medium Blue 353$44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
 180-35 Transportation Yellow (SPECIAL ORDER COLOR-7 days)$44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
 180-36 Safety Orange$44.00$42.00$39.00add to cart
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