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Hidem Welt

Hidem Welt - 5/8" wide. Sewn with 2 poly welt cord. Used where you need to hise unfinished parts of your projects. Middle opens up to accept staples and closes back to hidem.
25 yard Rolls 
We often have special marine grade hidem in stock as used by OEM builders. Sewn without welt. Please inquire.
Price is per Roll
PhotoSKU Grain / Color1+20+40+Quantity
 H-325 Bison / White$24.75$23.25$21.75add to cart
 H-324 Repp / White$24.75$23.25$21.75add to cart
 H-804 Repp / Black$24.75$23.25$21.75add to cart
 H-805 Bison / Black$24.75$23.25$21.75add to cart
 H-568 Repp / Grey$24.75$23.25$21.75add to cart
 H-211 Bison / Off White$24.75$23.25$21.75add to cart
 H-321 Bison / Med. Blue$24.75$23.25$21.75add to cart
 H-331 Bison / Dk.Blue$24.75$23.25$21.75add to cart
 H-401 Bison / Nutmeg$24.75$23.25$21.75Out of stock
 H-411 Bison / Cocoa$24.75$23.25$21.75Out of stock
 H-421 Bison / Dk. Brown$24.75$23.25$21.75add to cart
 H-431 Bison / Beaver$24.75$23.25$21.75add to cart
 H-511 Bison / Buckskin$24.75$23.25$21.75add to cart
 H-521 Bison / Saddle$24.75$23.25$21.75add to cart
 H-701 Bison / Green$24.75$23.25$21.75add to cart
 H-801 Bison / Gray$24.75$23.25$21.75add to cart
 H-811 Bison / Dk.Gray$24.75$23.25$21.75add to cart
 H-901 Bison / Claret$24.75$23.25$21.75add to cart
 H-911 Bison / Maroon$24.75$23.25$21.75add to cart
 H-531 Bison / Caramel (special order)$24.75$23.25$21.75add to cart
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