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SEA-TARP 18 oz. 61" Industrial Grade Coated Fabric

Sea-Tarp has superior weatherability than other products on the market. Imported from Germany.

It is a Polyester fabric that has been coated on both sides with virgin vinyl. Coating gives the vinyl superior adhesion.
Do not confuse with lower cost laminates that may delaminate under certain situations.

Use for applications that require high tear and tensile strength, high adhesion and exceptional weather resistance.

Some such uses are: Truck tarps, marine covers, equipment covers etc.

61" wide.

Technical Data
Base fabric-100% polyester
Width-61 inches
Weight-18 oz. per square yard
Tear strength-100/80 lbs.
Tensile strength-350/300 lbs.
Low temperature, -20 degrees F.
Flame resistance-MVSS #302
Shade Factor-100%
Meets Mil Spec.- MILC-20696-C
We believe this information is the best currently available on the subject.
We make no guarantee of results and assume no obligation or liability in connection with this information.
It is offered as a possible helpful suggestion in any experimentation you may care to take along these lines.

UPS surcharge for items 60" and over.
There will be $9.00 added to shipping for each package of this item.
If order is under 5 yards we can fold it to avoid this charge.
We try to package together different colors to minimize this charge.

Price By The Lineal Yard
PhotoSKU Color1+25+50+100+
 2118-4 Grey$12.95$10.75$9.95$9.65
 2118-5 Navy$12.95$10.75$9.95$9.65
 2118-6 White$12.95$10.75$9.95$9.65
 2118-7 Black$12.95$10.75$9.95$9.65
 2118-10 Light Blue$12.95$10.75$9.95$9.65
 2118-13 Tan$12.95$10.75$9.95$9.65
 2118-14 Charcoal$12.95$10.75$9.95$9.65
 2118-25 Forest$12.95$10.75$9.95$9.65
 2118-46 Royal Blue$12.95$10.75$9.95$9.65
 2118-63 New Dark Brown$12.95$10.75$9.95$9.65
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