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Why is shipping seem so expensive?
We only bill the actual shipping charges plus a small handling charge. So whatever UPS or the USPS (Mail) charges is passed on to the customer. 

Estimating shipping charges is a problem with the wide the variety of items we carry. One package may be small and heavy and the other light but bulky.

Those light and Bulky items may be subject to dimensional weight.

UPS and Mail are both using dimensional weight (DIM WT) charges. The actual size of the package determines the DIM WT. If the DIM WT is more than the actual weight charges are based on the DIM WT.

UPS also charges extra for each package over 60". Currently this add-on charge is $9.50.

Another factor is the programming used to figure shipping. It figures a new package for each different item entered when in reality they can be put in one package.
We have tried to come as close as we can - in most cases it will show a little higher than we will actually bill.

If you need exact shipping charges please contact us before ordering.

call us at 800/652.5202
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