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Springs, Tack Strip & Wires

Upholstery Springs, Tack Strip and Wires. For hardware for the inner-workings of your furniture, auto or marine upholstery, this selection of products will aid in restoration and assembly of seat springs, replacement of rocking chair springs and swivels, application of complex tufting on cushions, securing and creating a pleasing finish on cut edges of upholstery materials on the underside of seats and much more. These hardware products will help to maintain or replace the high-quality and usability of seating as well as create a professional and clean finish on all upholstery projects.

Looking for more to go with your inner hardware products to complete your upholstery project? Visit our Upholstery Materials section for a wide array of fabrics for both the inside and outside of your seating, browse our selection of Cushionwrap to pad your seats and cushions for higher loft and better comfort, or select from our Upholstery Tools section the tools you need to easily finish your project.