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Upholstery Pillows

High quality upholstery throw pillow forms and filler. Choose the pillow forms that best suit your project, purchase a cushion kit from Featherflex, or purchase bulk polyester pillow filler. Do not forget to factor these comfort items into your next project so you can sit back, relax, and celebrate its completion in comfort.

Whether you are working on cushions for your van conversion, putting together your own home decor, or creating pillows for a waiting or reception area, several options are available to suit your needs and your specific style and aesthetic.

Looking for more materials to pair with these quality upholstery throw pillow forms and filler? Visit our other departments, starting with our General Upholstery Materials for padding and canvas, Zippers for both premade zippers and the hardware to customize zippers for your cushion covers, and Auto Bodycloth for a selection of automotive fabrics to pair with your pillows