781 Dry Silicone Spray

SKU: 781

781 Dry Silicone Spray

SKU: 781

The 781 is an exceptionally high quality dry silicone spray lubricant. Excellent for sewing machines, cutting tables, and dies. Prevents bunching of fabrics during sewing or cutting. Lubricates drawer slides, locks, door, joints, etc.. Helps fight rust on tools and equipment. Also for use on hand irons and other pressing equipment. This is an excellent all purpose dry spray lubricant for the house, wood/industrial shop, automotive shop, and school shop classes. The 781 is formulated to offer a dry lubricated spray that does not over saturate the item to be lubricated. An excellent choice for cutting tables, saw blades, and drill bits. 11 oz. net wt. aerosol can

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