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TearMender Waterproof Adhesive

TearMender Waterproof Adhesive

Tear mender mends fabrics, canvas, leather and similar pourous materials instantly with a waterproof bond.
Penetrates in seconds and bonds instantly to give a waterproof bond.
Handy spout applicator.
It Really Works!

TG-2 TearMender 2oz. Bottle Applicator
Convenient 2oz. size for pocket, tool box, or shelf. Perfect for emergency repair or small project.

TG-6 TearMender 6oz. Bottle Applicator
Popular 6oz. size - our BEST seller. The ideal size for the many repairs and projects found around your home, recreation or sport, job, trade or industry.

TG-16 TearMender 16oz. Bottle Applicator
Economical 16oz. size. Descriptive usage panel demonstrates more of its many applications. This size works well for the larger repairs and projects found every day in manufacturing and fabrication.


Price by the each
PhotoSKU Size1+4+Quantity
 TG-128 1 Gallon Container$99.75$88.05add to cart
PhotoSKU Size1+12+Quantity
 TG-2 2 oz. Bottle$6.25$5.75add to cart
 TG-6 6 oz. Bottle$8.75$8.00add to cart
 TG-16 16 oz. Bottle$17.00$15.60add to cart
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