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Osborne No. 1440 Hog Ring Plier with Vinyl Handle

Price per Pair
PhotoSKU StylePriceQuantity
1440-A Straight handles 6-3/4" long - Each$29.95add to cart
1440-B Handles bent at 135 degree angle to jaw - Each$33.20add to cart
1440-C Jaw curved up to reach difficult spots - Each$33.20add to cart

Osborne No. 1440 hog ring plier with vinyl handle.

A great tool. Straight or angled handle. Grooves are proper depth. Made from forged steel.

3 differeny styles to choose from:

1440-A: No spring, straight, 8 oz.

1440-B: No spring, upward 135 degree bent, 8 oz.

1440-C: No spring, side bent, 8 oz.

Sold individually.

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