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Zippers, Zipper Chain

Types of Zippers We Offer                                     

  • Coil Zippers: Coil zippers form the bulk of zipper sales worldwide. If you look closely at the zipper chain, you will notice that the slider runs on two coils on each side. The "teeth" on this zipper are formed by the interlocking coils on the zipper tape.
  • Metallic Zippers: Jean-style zippers. The teeth are individual pieces of metal moulded into shape and set on the zipper tape at precise and uniform intervals. Our Aluminum zipper 4-200 and 5-100 are this style.
  • Plastic Moulded Tooth: Individually moulded plastic teeth are set on the zipper tape. Molded tooth zippers can be made to match any color of material. This style zipper is usually seen in marine canvas, outdoor jackets, sleeping bags and backpacks.

  • Separating or Open Ended Zippers: These zippers use a "box and pin" mechanism to lock the two sides of the zipper tape into place. Use where you want the materials to come completely apart such as a jacket. Separating zippers are sold in lengths from 24" to 180" and can be cut from the top down to the exact size needed. Open Ended Zippers can be of any of the above specified tooth styles.


call us at 800/652.5202
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