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Pull-the-DOT® Fasteners

Pull-the-DOT® Fasteners

Pull-the-DOT® is a heavy duty, three-sided locking snap fastener that is designed to withstand extreme pressure on three sides without unlocking. When pulled on the fourth side the fastener will release instantly. This unique feature sets the Pull-the-DOT® apart from other standard fasteners.

Pull-the-DOT® fasteners are an ingenious alternative to the standard Lift-the-DOT® three-sided locking fastener. Round in shape, employed with a coined eyelet construction, Pull-the-DOT® is self-piercing on standard application materials.

All parts are brass and are available with either a nickel or government black finish.

Items can be combined for price breaks.

Price per Box
PhotoSKU Part / Package Size1+10+50+Quantity
18100C  / Cap / Hundred$23.05$19.19$17.91add to cart
18201C Socket / Hundred$21.80$18.17$16.96add to cart
18303C Stud for fabric / Hundred$12.55$10.44$9.75add to cart
 18100-55 ***Black*** Pull The Dot Cap / Hundred$24.70$20.57$19.20add to cart
 18201-55 ***Black*** Pull The Dot Socket / Hundred$22.30$18.57$17.33add to cart
 18303-55 ***Black*** Pull The Dot Stud for Fabric / Hundred$13.00$10.84$10.12add to cart
PhotoSKU Part / Package Size1+10+ Quantity
18307-12C Screw Stud 3/8" / Hundred$42.60$35.48 add to cart


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