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Stainless Steel Boat Fittings

All our products are made from the highest quality 316 Stainless Steel, unless otherwise indicated.

316: For severe environments.Type 316 is austenitic, non-magnetic. The carbon content is held to 0.08% maximum, while the nickel content is increased slightly.
What distinguishes Type 316 from Type 304 is the addition of molybdenum up to a maximum of 3%.
Molybdenum increases the corrosion resistance of this chromium-nickel alloy to withstand attack by many industrial chemicals and solvents, and, in particular, inhibits pitting caused by chlorides. As such, molybdenum is one of the single most useful alloying additives in the fight against corrosion. 

Type 316 is the main stainless used in the marine environment, with the exception of fasteners and other items where strength and wear resistance are needed, then Type 304 (18-8) is typically used.
Nylon and Stainless fittings can be assorted for price breaks.
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