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Staftop 60" Polyester Outdoor Canvas

Price By The Lineal Yard
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 STA-6101 Pacific Blue$14.56$13.10$11.95add to cart
 STA-6103 Red$14.56$13.10$11.95add to cart
 STA-6108 Black$14.56$13.10$11.95add to cart
 STA-6120 Beige$14.56$13.10$11.95add to cart
 STA-6126 Navy$14.56$13.10$11.95add to cart
 STA-6130 Cadet Grey$14.56$13.10$11.95add to cart
 STA-6133 Linen$14.56$13.10$11.95add to cart
 STA-6137 Forest Green$14.56$13.10$11.95add to cart
 STA-6144 Mortar Grey$14.56$13.10$11.95add to cart
 STA-6148 Taupe$14.56$13.10$11.95add to cart
 STA-6131 Burgundy$14.56$13.10$11.95add to cart

StafTop, an acrylic coated polyster for outdoor use. 
StafTop is a texturized woven polyester fabric that is 61" wide, 13.0 ounces per square yard, and is dimensionally stable. 
StafTop, which has been specifically designed to stand up to tough marine weather conditions. 
StafTop has unsurpassed abrasion resistance, high tensile strength and dimensional stability that results in an extremely durable product. 

Additionally, StafTop gives customers a colorfast, UV- and water-resistant, mildew-resistant option at a competitive price.


Product NameStafftop 
Base Fabric Polyester 
Denier of Base 600 x 1200 
Coating PU/Acrylic 
Finished Width 61" 
Finished Weight (oz/yd) 13
Warranty 5 Years
Put Up  50 Yards
Tensile (lbs/in) Warp x Fill 434 x 555 
Tongue (lbs/in) Warp x Fill 38 x 39 
Spray Rating 70 
Hydro 8" for 10 minutes 3 Drop Rating (cm) Breathability   189
Shrinking (%) Warp x Fill 2.4 x 0.4 
Stretch (%) Warp x Fill 0 x 0 
Taber Abrasion (cyc till b/t) 35000+ 

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