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Preferred Suede

Preferred Suede

Preferred Suede™ - Original Automotive Fabric.

Use for Automotive, Furniture, RV's - A great deal on this quality fabric.

Preferred Suede™, a 100 percent synthetic micro-denier with the look and feel of natural suede.
Used in both seating and vertical aplications, Preferred Suede™ is meant to offer a high-end alternative to leather while retaining the cleanability and performance of a fabric.

Preferred Suede™ is a registered trademark by Milliken & Company.

This item ships from our Portland Location - Limited to stock on hand.

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BC-471 Light Neutral$7.50add to cart
BC-583 Lt. Gray$7.50Out of stock

Care Instructions -
If you do have a spill on the material, try to blot up as quickly as 
possible with a clean, dry cloth. If the spill cannot be cleaned right 
away or if it leaves some residue, use a clean cloth dampened in a mild 
detergent solution (1 part mild detergent to 10 parts water) to clean 
the affected area. After you have cleaned the affected area, use 
another dry cloth to blot the area and dry any remaining moisture.

Never saturate the area with water.

Never use any dry-cleaning solutions or other cleaners containing 

Also, please note that Scotchgard and other related fabric protectant 
sprays are not needed on PREFERRED SUEDE as this product was designed to 
have excellent clean-ability and durability characteristics without these 
types of additives. Also, these protectant sprays may contain solvents 
which would cause color degradation problems with the material. We would 
not recommend their use.

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