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Marathon Fabric 54"

 Plains and Tweeds  

"Higher specifications at a lower price"

Marathon is a 100% polyolefin fabric.
54" Wide.
Weight - 16 oz / lineal yard
Teflon Finish

High Ultraviolet (UV) Yarn
Every Marathon yarn color contains extra UV stabilizer so that it will perform
specifically in applications such as cars and transportation.

Meets Flammability Test Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302 (MVSS 302) as well as


 CAL-117-E and UFAC Class 1

Color Chart Below.


Use for  Auto, RV, Marine, Church, Office and others! 







Marathon Oat with Leather Accents                    

Price By The Lineal Yard 36" x 54"
PhotoSKU Color1+20+50+150+Quantity
 MAR-1012 Hunter$10.95$9.95$8.30$7.70add to cart
 MAR-1022 Rosemary$10.95$9.95$8.30$7.70add to cart
 MAR-1001 Blue$10.95$9.95$8.30$7.70Out of Stock
 MAR-1008 Dusk$10.95$9.95$8.30$7.70add to cart
 MAR-1006 Dark Blue$10.95$9.95$8.30$7.70add to cart
 MAR-1018 Night$10.95$9.95$8.30$7.70add to cart
 MAR-1013 Indigo$10.95$9.95$8.30$7.70add to cart
 MAR-1016 Navy$10.95$9.95$8.30$7.70add to cart
 MAR-1017 New Lilac$10.95$9.95$8.30$7.70add to cart
 MAR-1015 Maroon$10.95$9.95$8.30$7.70add to cart
 MAR-1009 Grape$10.95$9.95$8.30$7.70add to cart
 MAR-1021 Red$10.95$9.95$8.30$7.70add to cart
 MAR-1019 Oat$10.95$9.95$8.30$7.70add to cart
 MAR-1007 Dark Oatmeal$10.95$9.95$8.30$7.70Out of Stock
 MAR-1026 Toast$10.95$9.95$8.30$7.70add to cart
 MAR-1003 Brown$10.95$9.95$8.30$7.70add to cart
 MAR-1011 Grey Mix$10.95$9.95$8.30$7.70add to cart
 MAR-1005 Charcoal$10.95$9.95$8.30$7.70add to cart
 MAR-1020 Pewter$10.95$9.95$8.30$7.70add to cart
 MAR-1010 Grey Heather$10.95$9.95$8.30$7.70add to cart
 MAR-1014 Marble$10.95$9.95$8.30$7.70add to cart
 MAR-1028 Black$10.95$9.95$8.30$7.70add to cart
 MAR-1033 Coconut$10.95$9.95$8.30$7.70Out of Stock


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